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    • The report analyzes historic data so that we can better predict where future trends are going.
    • Global insight regarding today’s markets and the lifestyle affinities driving demand.
    • REALM does more than merely report data, we offer a forward-looking view of what the industry looks like from a futurist perspective
    • Data collected from 4-million of the wealthiest people in the world from over 175 countries combined with the global insights from REALM’s membership comprised of elite real estate professionals from over 100 different brands, 40 states and 12-countries.
    • The report represents some of the most comprehensive observations available in the industry.
    • The Global Luxury Report on Residential Real Estate offers a forward-looking view of what the industry looks like from a futurist perspective.

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    Inside the Luxury Real Estate Market: A Comprehensive Overview

    Uncover the secrets of where the rich choose to have their homes for living, vacationing, and working. Our comprehensive report delves into the top 20 cities worldwide, ranked by the total UHNW residential footprint, with the US taking the lead and several other global cities represented. Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable insights into the luxury real estate market. Download the full report now.

    Top Destinations for Second Homes: Exploring Popular Cities

    Discover the multitude of purposes that wealthy individuals have for their second homes. From work-related needs to leisure and investment purposes, our full report offers an in-depth analysis of this fascinating topic. Download the report now to gain valuable insights into the world of high-end real estate.

    Exploring Archetypes of Ultra-High Net Worth Homeowners

    Explore how the world's leading cities differ in terms of their UHNW density - the number of general residents per ultra wealthy resident or second-homer. Our report examines how UHNW density can reflect a city's cultural history, business focus, and concentration of prime real estate, whether residential, commercial or retail. Discover how this metric can provide valuable insights into a city's character and download the full report now.