Biltmore Lake

Afternoons spent relaxing on the lake and enjoying the beautiful mountain views.

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Welcome to Biltmore Lake, NC

Inviting neighborhood nestled around 60 acre Enka lake
Conveniently located Biltmore Lake is home to scenic mountain views, abundant outdoor activities, and easy access to Downtown Asheville and city amenities. Biltmore Lake is a thriving, sustainably designed community of over 700 homes situated on more than 1,000 acres. Here, outdoor activities are abundant and the views are exceptional. Neighborhoods are connected by way of trails, small streets, and common areas, and the community takes great pride in its outdoor spaces and maintains its peaceful beauty for current and future families.
dock with 2 adirondack chairs, overlooking Enka Lake at Biltmore Lake

What to Love

  • Hiking and biking along the extensive community trails
  • Outdoor concerts at the Pavilion during the summer months
  • Afternoons spent relaxing on the lake and enjoying the beautiful mountain views

Local Lifestyle

Within the community, residents have access to community social events, clubhouse parties, weekend concerts at the Pavilion and opportunities to soak up the sun by taking out a kayak or paddleboard and swimming along the beach. Living in Biltmore Lake is like being on vacation every day! Residents enjoy a slower-paced lifestyle that focuses on quality time outdoors with family and neighbors. With convenient access to Downtown Asheville residents of Biltmore Lake have it all.  

Dining, Entertainment, and Shopping

Griff’s Kitchen and Bar, where everyone feels like a regular, is within walking distance of Biltmore Lake. The restaurant was created by husband-and-wife duo Ian and Gina Griffin, who now provide the community with a delicious, contemporary American menu. Ingredients are “sourced from their backyard,” and menu items include Bulgogi sandwiches, homemade ricotta gnocchi, and an incredible lemon-buttermilk crumb cake for dessert.
stone fire pit with picnic table overlooking Enka Lake at Biltmore Lake
Things to Do
Biltmore Lake offers endless outdoor activities. Take the boat out onto the lake for a day of fishing or kayaking, swim along the beaches, or hike the surrounding trails. The area also provides lakeside basketball courts and “child-approved” playgrounds for kids and a few campsites to enjoy the lake under the stars.


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