2020 Donations to Non-Profits

Panashe Real Estate

Panashe Real Estate Donated More than $20,000 on Behalf of Clients in 2020

Tracy Veteto and Laura Crutchfield founded Panashe nearly two years ago with the goal of offering people a fiercely local boutique real estate experience. A key element of Panashe’s “fiercely local” approach is supporting Asheville’s vibrant non-profit community.
At Panashe, when we sell a home, we ask each client which local charitable organization they want to support. We donate 5% of the gross sale revenue to the client’s non-profit of choice. We’re thrilled that in 2020, we donated over $20,000 to several local organizations, including: 

Why Panashe Gives Back on Behalf of Clients

Most real estate offices, here in Asheville and around the country, are franchise locations of large real estate firms. The local offices usually pay a franchise fee of 3-7% from the sale of each property to their headquarters. That means a lot of money leaves Asheville and goes to Charlotte, Florida, or some other place. At Panashe, we want money from home sales in Asheville to stay in Asheville—to benefit our community.
We love Asheville. Tracy has called it home for 20 years. We, at Panashe, want to see our community thrive. By giving back the equivalent of a franchise fee to local non-profits, we’re practicing ‘fiercely local’ social entrepreneurship.

Quotes from 2020 Non-Profit Donation Recipients

What’s even more exciting is when we hear how much our client donations benefit local non-profits.
“Tracy, gifts from realtors are special because you know how much HOME means. Thanks for investing in our neighborhood and for a thoughtful recognition.”
ꟷAndy Barnett, Executive Director, Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity
“Thank you for your generous gift … to support Appalachian Wildlife Refuge’s mission to save orphaned and injured wildlife. We are honored your clients … chose Appalachian Wildlife and are blown away by your company’s unique program that is benefitting our community!”
ꟷKerri Conrad, Development Coordinator, Appalachian Wildlife Refuge
“Thank you for your gift on behalf of your clients to Friends of the Blue Ridge Parkway. You are making a difference! By helping FRIENDS, you are helping to preserve, protect, and enhance the greater Blue Ridge region.”
ꟷMark Hogsed, Executive Director, Friends of the Blue Ridge Parkway
“We want to thank you so very much for the generous donation to NAMI Western Carolina on behalf of [your clients]. What a wonderfully creative way for your business to help the local community … please share this letter with [your clients].”
ꟷPam Jaillet, Executive Director, NAMI Western Carolina (National Alliance on Mental Health)
“Thank you for donating to the Working Wheels auto parts and repair fund. Your donation purchased car parts and mechanics labor to get donated cars back on the road for local families who need them.”
ꟷJamie Beasley, Executive Director, Working Wheels
“I am so thankful for the [Working Wheels] program and the donor. Having a dependable car to get back and forth to work, the doctor’s, and grocery stores means a lot. I am truly grateful. Thank you!”
ꟷMonica, Recipient of the donated car from Working Wheels
Contact Panashe today! We’d love to work with you and make a donation on your behalf to the Asheville non-profit of your choice. 828-712-5530 or holler@panasheville.com

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